Modular Block Walls

Modular block wall consists of factory pre-cast concrete blocks as facing for the reinforced soil wall system.

Panel Walls

Panel wall System can be full height or incremental concrete panels which are precast with a short length of geogrid embedded.

Green Slopes/Green Walls

Wraparound Wall System offers an extremely cost-effective option for a vegetated wall facing.

Timber Crib Walls

Timber Crib Retaining Wall System utilizes the long established gravity wall concept.


Pavement Optimisation

Pavement optimisation makes use of mechanically stabilised layers in pavement construction.

Heavy Duty Pavement

Heavy duty pavement is made of multi-layer of geogrids on the granular layer of soil.

Access Road

Access roads or unpaved roads serve as temporary access on almost all construction sites ranging from housing developments to major infrastructure projects.

Ballast Stabilisation

Ballast Stabilisation is achieved by placing reinforcements such as geogrids on soil layers on railways.




Erosion Control

Erosion Control Mat is used to control soil erosion on slopes and areas subject to occasional water flows.


Our non-woven, needle-punched polyester geotextile is made of continuous filament fiber.

Asphalt Reinforcement

Asphalt reinforcement interacts with bitumen bound layer to add tensile stiffness that limits asphalt strains and reduce the development of cracking.

Prefabricated Vertical Drain

PVD or wick drain is a soil improvement method commonly used to speed up the consolidation of soft foundation.


Asphalt Mixing Plant

Nicol asphalt mixing plants are designed to provide reliable and affordable solutions to most infrastructure projects.

Concrete Batching Plant

From small plants of 25 m3 per hour to 2×300 m3 per hour huge plants, these can accommodate bulk cement in developed areas and bag cement in remote locations.


Nicol weighbridge is designed for shipment in containers with ease of installation and reliability as the main priorities.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine and Materials

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine is used to mark road traffic lines.

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