Panel Walls

Panel Wall System is consists of concrete panels in combination with geogrids which reinforce the soil mass behind. The high efficiency connection between panel facing and geogrid is a distinctive feature of the system, creating strong and durable, maintenance free retaining wall structures. Also with these geogrid reinforcements that are inert to chemical and electrical exposure, panel walls are well suited for fills that do not meet electrochemical backfill criteria.

Full Height Panels

Full Height Panels have a face clear of horizontal joints, at the same time it has a close control over vertical alignment. This type of panel is easily erected with the use of a crane. Variety of finishes can be made on each panel during production by using mould liners and treatments for patterned or relief finishes.

Segmental Panels

Segmental Panels can either be factory produced or it can be also casted on-site. There is no need for external propping to maintain its vertical alignment since smaller height of panels are placed one over the other to attain desired height. Also, external finishes on panels can be easily cast-in.


Software used in designing panel walls with reinforcements offers clients accurate, efficient and innovative options in design from planning up to construction. LRFD (AASHTO 2010) 2-Part Wedge is the design technique used in designing panel walls. Soil properties, earthquake accelerations, water pressure and surcharges are the input data needed in the software. After a cross section has been established, its external, internal and global stability are checked and adjusted until its design is satisfactory.

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