Timber Crib Walls

Timber is very flexible to work with since every kind of timber has its unique properties. Some if it is its appearance, hardness, strength, and especially its availability since it is the most renewable construction material in use. Unlike the traditional walls, timber crib wall is much easier and therefore faster to install. Corners, curves and angle changes can also be easily incorporated on the design. It is also recommended for projects where looks is important because planting bags can be added to have a more attractive front face and finish.


The concept in building Timber Crib Walls is the same as the gravity retaining wall system where the mass of behind the wall are the once resisting applied forces. This wall system uses timber header of various sizes and stretcher to create a timber cage that is then filled with graded stones. Planting bags can be added to have a more attractive front face and finish. This system is sustainable, aesthetical and easy to build.

Noise Barriers

Noise Barriers are used in places where noise is prevailing like highways, airports and railways. Timber noise barriers offer a cost effective system that has exceptional acoustic performance. Unlike other materials such as concrete, steel and plastic that reflect noise, timber can actually absorb noise. Timber crib noise barriers can reduce noise transmission by up to 30 decibels and it has a noise absorption coefficient of 0.8.

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